We Are Generations of Heartfelt Farming

We are families that love to grow. We are proud of the excellent fruit we produce, our orchards and how we care for them, and the community we live in. Our farms may not be the biggest, but by working together we bring you what we believe is the best fruit in Washington State. We hope you enjoy our apples as much as we do.

We’d like to introduce you to a handful of our families and farms so that you can get to know the folks behind the fruit. Washington Family Farms supports over 50 family farms in Washington and the Yakima Valley!

The Adams

Adams Orchard | Ellensburg, WA

Joshua and wife Ekaterina Adams operate their family farm just inside the Yakima Canyon. Their orchard is known for producing some of the best Honey Crisp apples in the state. Joshua Adams loves the outdoors, watching the crop grow each year and seeing it all come together at the end of the season. Josuha and his wife are creating something for their kids to build their future on.

Adams Orchard is a small farm trying to compete with larger growers in the area. They fight hard to keep up with production so they don’t get “gobbled up” by bigger farms. Joshua Adams explains his reason for keeping up that fight; “We want to keep going so we have something to pass down to our kids and grandkids.”

The Bosmas

Bosma Ag | Outlook, WA

I love that my job is in tune with the seasons and nature. I am proud to help feed America.” – Julie Bosma

At Bosma Ag, apple farming truly is a family business and a lifestyle they love. Julie Bosma and her husband Steve operate their farm along with their son, Jake. The family began farming in 1914 with Julie’s great-grandfather. Julie’s grandfather and father were also apple farmers. Julie’s brother and daughter are also farming on other orchards.

The folks at Bosma Ag not only love growing apples, they love the land and their community too. They are careful to conserve water and apply pesticides responsibly and as infrequently as possible. They provide year round jobs to as many people as possible, and remind their employees to consider that the fruit they grow feeds families like theirs, so they must do their best to provide fruit they’d be proud to serve their own family.

The Eddies

Eddie Farms | Grandview, WA

You need a strong heart to have the love, desire, dedication, wisdom and strength to work hard and achieve your dreams…” -Leah Eddie

Eddie Farms is a 3rd generation family farm owned by Jim Eddie, grandfather of Matt and Leah Eddie. Matt and Leah manage the farm for their grandfather, and hope that their children will follow the family tradition and work on the farm.

What some may dread about farming, the Eddies love – The Eddies love farming because, they say, “it is hard work, 24/7. Not anybody can be a farmer; it takes love, patience, and desire to grow… In order to be successful, you need to be strong – not only physically, but also mentally…”

The Mathises

Rite Bite Farms | Basin City, WA

“It’s a blessing to see what nature can provide each year.” – Mary Mathis

Rite Bite Farms is owned by husband and wife team Mark and Mary Mathis. Mark and Mary are joined in the operation of the farm by their children, Gunner and McKenna. Rite Bite Farms started out in 1990 as a 5-acre family hobby farm that has grown into a 300-acre full time farm. The Mathises enjoy seeing every step, start to finish, of their apple crop.

The Mathises provide housing to several of their employees and their families. Many of those families are employed by the farm year-round. Rite Bite treats employees like family, which they say nourishes an environment built on trust and togetherness.

The Sandhus

S&D Orchards | Othello, Washington

S&D Orchards is run by father-son team Sukhbir and Sukhdeep Sandhu in Othello, Washington. The Sandhus love being outside, working with the land, and the science behind growing trees and fruit. They care deeply for their crops, they don’t abuse or over work the land and trees so they can be sure to maximize production in an environmentally beneficial way.
Apples are their livelihood and it’s worth going the extra mile to take care of their orchard. They employ a year round staff of 8-10 people and provide housing for those folks as well as their seasonal crew. S&D is proud to employ local workers so they can help support their community.


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